06 Jan
She Prayed for Me


With hands clasped in a circle, we prayed. My voice spoke out the needs and desires I sensed in each heart in the room, digging into the Holy Spirit and asking God to lead the words. I asked for safe travels and comfort, God's presence in that place, a continuation of beautiful memories woven with new moments of beauty and grace. I asked for a reduction in pain and expressed wonder and gratitude at the spunky personality before me, one holding tight to good, joy, and humor despite the looming reality of death. 

My voice declared, "Amen," and I let go of the hands on each side of me. My eyes flew open as my patient clutched my hand tighter and insisted, "No!" 

"What?" My brain fumbled over what was happening. 

"It's my turn," she said. 

We all clasped hands again, and her voice rang out, praying fervently over me, my ministry, and the gift I'd given them through that first prayer. Then she said, "Jesus, give us sight and understanding of heaven, point us toward it and you. Bring us into your arms when the time is right. Help none of us to be afraid." 

There were wet eyes around the room for so many reasons. Mine were tinged with the shock of meeting someone so enveloped in faith and relationship with Jesus that, despite the circumstances, she defaulted to love, outreach, care, and prayers for others instead of herself. She's one who truly believes there is more in store for us at the end of this life, something beautiful and not scary, a place where we belong. 

Before I left, she held my face and said, "If you get there before me, please save me a seat!" 

Today, the intersection between my life and faith is a person. May you see God in others, too. May we all seek to become people who serve others with his incarnate love.

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