We all have a God-story. We all have a voice. We are all called to go and tell, share and celebrate the love of Jesus. Let us help you discover the strength of your voice and the expression of your influence.

Our lives and relationships are built on stories. As we hear one another’s stories, we naturally empathize with each other and move into spaces where real love, appreciation, and connection occur (this is community!). We are Storytellers is a place where we hope to hear your story, share our stories, and interact with the stories of God. We know that your personal story, paired with the power and presence of the Good News, is poised to make a difference.

Whether you need a place to belong, support in following Jesus, inspiration, faith coaching, or simply enjoy stories, the Storytellers Collective would love to get to know you. Fill out our contact form at the bottom of our homepage for more information on how.