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New for the 2023 Advent season: INTERSECT Volumes I-IV "BEHOLD." Join us in intentionally facing the four weeks of December leading up to Christmas. A new volume will drop each Sunday of December.

BEHOLD is about Christmas. It is about Jesus. But it is also about life—the loss of parents, worry over having no presents because there is no money, children with special needs, food allergies, husbands who leave, and the shifting expectations that come when grown children get married and have families of their own. It’s about looking for light even when things feel dark.

INTERSECT is a devotional publication written in a way that hopefully looks and feels familiar without being stodgy. It is divided into weekly sections for ease of use—but there are no dates and no rules on an order in which anything needs to be read. It’s go-at-your-own-pace… and maybe even save a bit for after Christmas when things are less crazy feeling.

We call INTERSECT a "living devotional" because although there is a printed version available, our passion is for trying and creating something new and utilizing all the amazing technology we have at our fingertips. So, each week you'll receive an interactive e-book you can access on your phone or computer. In this e-version, there are all kinds of extras. If you’re on the go, you can listen to the articles read to you, podcast-style. If an article intrigues you and you’d like to consider a topic more deeply, throw in your two-cents, or share an example from your life—then interactive activities and conversation are available on the Storytellers app. There is music, videos, reflection/journaling how-tos and additional articles that will drop each week, starting December 3rd.

We learned through the process of making this, that building together creates something so much better than we could make individually—and we wholeheartedly believe our journey through the holiday season this year will be so much richer with your insight and involvement as well. So we’re making ways for you to do that! We're so glad you're on this journey with us.

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