02 Jan
Introduction: Bethany


Welcome to Lectio in Life—a place where we practice noticing and sharing everyday intersections between life and faith. 

I’m Bethany Tippin, pastor, hospice chaplain, mentor, musician, writer, artist, wife, mother, and friend (phew! our “hats” can get a bit much, can’t they!?). I live on a small homestead in northern Wyoming where God is faithfully untangling my heart, teaching my eyes to see expansively, and growing new life. 

I grew up in a Christian tradition that taught listening to God, practicing presence, looking for light, and noticing. I knew Jesus as a small child and developed an intimate relationship with him early—my parents believed me when I said I heard from him and my church insisted there is that of God in every person. They taught me to discern messages carefully and with wisdom, distinguishing God’s voice from others’ as well as to whom a message may be directed (myself, another individual, or a group in worship) and how to speak it with care and compassion. The Holy Spirit was my guide, friend, teacher, and advocate. 

In young adulthood, I integrated into faith traditions that place scripture and rational thoughts about God as the pinnacle of belief. I learned to love the historical person of Jesus and the study of God’s Word. I began to hear the Lord through preaching and teaching, Bible study, and word studies. 

When I became a mother, God presented himself yet another way, and I learned about our good, good Father. Faith expanded through the experience of parenting and indescribable, unconditional love. 

I believe our spirituality is dynamic and meant to be applied to every facet of our lives. Worship is a lifestyle, excellence and purity are God’s best for us, and faith is to be lived and processed in community. As we encounter the stories of others’ experiences with God—the ways they hear and discern, understand and undergo transformation—our holy imaginations expand. Our triune God desires to communicate with us in a myriad of ways. May our faith increase as we delight in the treasures we find.

Hoping you join us regularly,

Pastor Bethany

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