04 Oct


“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies…” (Ps 23:5) 

Last weekend I made granola for a group gathering for spiritual retreat. I prepared for them by setting out a vast spread of food and beverage, to satisfy their physical cravings and needs so they could set them aside and focus upon the spiritual. It was a joy to prepare. 

Today I sit alone on the couch, a favorite quilt wrapped around me, the sunrise reflecting off the mountains in front of me, and eat the same granola. It feels like a feast—food for my belly, wrapped in memories of a glorious weekend where many were aware of the Spirit of God and his movements. The “more” of this moment is a real sense that God’s table is spread before me: my heart and soul feast at the same time as my mouth. 

After serving others I am differently aware of the service of God unto me. 

He prepares. 

All I have to do is come to the table, sit and feast. 

I often call the circling thoughts, questions, distractions, pulls, doubts, and emotions “the swirl.” I could be caught in the swirl today, but instead, I sit inside a sort of eye of the storm and eat. In this place, where I am so fully aware that I am well fed, I can look those enemies in the eye, smile and say, “No.” 

What a gift: God prepared this feast, I enjoyed it, and the filling allows me to raise my head in confidence as I set out to face this unknown day. I am anointed. My cup overflows. I toil with God’s energy. And my enemies cannot touch me—they may only watch as I feast.

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