24 Aug


I took this picture last week while spending time with my family.

 Here’s a question: Do you see a sunrise or a sunset? 

I know what it was but, looking back on it I realized--only the photographer would know that answer unless you recognized where the picture was taken. 

Why do I ask? 

Well, if you don’t know, you probably would guess or assume based on what you like most. Perspective is everything. 

Life is that way. Are you in the sunrise or sunset of life? To me that answer has nothing to do with age, but belief. I truly believe God created us for eternity. Jesus also opened the door for us to enter into eternity through our faith and relationship with Him. As a believer in Jesus, my life is just starting. In fact, if life is compared to a sunrise, then our lives are at the point where the very first glimmer of sunlight has entered the sky--we have so much life ahead of us no matter what age we are. We are God's masterpiece and he is just starting to let us shine the reflections of his light. We are just starting to rise and shine the light of God and it only gets brighter... until all we shine is the Son.

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