15 Dec
Individually Important


The frost lessons continue. 

On any given winter day, the Wyoming landscape greets me with either sheer white or brown-on-brown images. My mind sees and comprehends the mountains as one, the foothills as a single organism. It is “the ground” or “the hill” as my attention slides across the homogeneity of color. The hoar frost of the other day, however, highlighted each and every blade of grass. It brought my attention to wildflower stalks and individual stems. I no longer clumped the whole of the hillside together, scanning without thought, but stopped in awe and wonder at the beauty and intricacy of each specific piece of creation. 

The Holy Spirit does something similar when we gather as a people of God. The church becomes a singular organism and we seek to see and hear God as one. The Spirit speaks sometimes, to this whole. As a whole, we’re sometimes clumped together and seen only as a vague piece of scenery. Yet, simultaneously, God sees, creates, and speaks to us individually. The Holy Spirit descends with specific messages and concepts for your heart alone. 

Today the frost sends this message from my Lord: I see you. Every branch and blade. I formed you for purpose and on purpose. You are an important, unique part of all I’m doing. You are beautiful.

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