02 Jan
Holy Noticing


The goal of Lectio in Life is to help you see God in everyday items, situations, and circumstances. “Lectio” means “word” in Latin, and when paired with “Divina” (as in, Lectio Divina) it stands for Holy Reading. During Lectio Divina, one sits with God’s Word in repetition and waits for the stirring of the Holy Spirit to pull one’s attention or awareness toward a word or phrase for further reflection. The practice of Lectio Divina taught me to both listen to and hear from God. Out of this ancient religious practice, the Holy Spirit moved me to larger noticing and hearing. His voice resounds in the life I live and through the world in which we dwell. 

Our prayer for 2024 is to increase our ability to see, hear, and experience God in all places and at all times. 

Many years ago, I stood on the Oregon coast and heard God say, “It will not be easy, but I will be with you.” That’s certainly been the truth. And I’ve learned that, like Moses, I don’t want to go anywhere that God isn’t going, too. (Check out Exodus 33:12-23 if you’re not familiar with the story.) I often wish life could be easier and following God would require less sacrifice, but the truth is—I have everything I need. God is with me. He’s with you, too. May you learn to see, hear, and feel him more and more each day.

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