14 Dec


Two days ago, North Central Wyoming was covered in fog. It stretched for miles upon miles, relentless and chilly. I looked out my front windows and felt slightly claustrophobic. With my view obscured, I suddenly found my attention shifted inward instead of outward, and a memory surfaced. My three-year-old daughter declared into a long-ago foggy day, “Mom, look! God is sitting on us!” 

When I took the dog out for a quick walk a few minutes later, the world greeted me with jewels. Hoar frost was everywhere, the bare branches of winter transformed from mere sticks to 3-D testaments of beauty. I couldn’t help but connect the idea of God sitting on us with the icy evidence of his fingerprints on every blade of grass. It was magnificent. 

As my eyes took in the cold, glittery scene, my heart exploded with worship. Our Creator takes such care every moment of every day to make and offer places of access to him. May your eyes be open today to each and every evidence. God holds it all. He’s piecing together a masterpiece.

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