16 Jan


Forgotten. My son left his breakfast on the counter. As I walked past it after sending him off to school, I felt several things in quick succession: 

  1. A sense of sadness over how he will feel the moment he realizes it was left.
  2. Concern for his hungry belly.
  3. A comprehension that he forgot it because I asked him to go back and get his gloves.
  4. A dawning that he will probably blame me for the missed meal.

It got me thinking. God, as our Divine Parent, sometimes lets us go without a meal, with a missed opportunity, or an unanswered prayer. Why? Sometimes, he knows something far more critical for our safety or well-being. 

If my child had not taken gloves today (when it is -35 degrees and windchill makes it feel like -60 degrees), there could be severe injury and loss. A missed meal stinks, but he will not perish for lack of 180 calories. His awareness of these details, however, is less than likely. 

I am grateful for these quick moments with God. They are bursts of insight that help me lean further into trust in my Father and Provider—even if I don’t understand all the details.

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