13 Mar
Breakfast with Jesus


I got up this morning feeling funky. I made breakfast for the family and helped pack lunches, got everyone out the door, and ended up with no food for myself. Each one of us had specific plans for the morning, but as we left the house I got a text that canceled mine. So, I dropped each person where they needed to go and then turned my mind to what I would choose for myself… 

Enter Jesus. His sweet, soft voice simply asked, “Want to have breakfast with me?” 

My heart exploded. “Yes!” 

And then discomfort set in. Wait—a meal alone in a restaurant? Will I really be able to focus on Jesus? How will we talk to each other when others can’t see that he’s there? Am I this brave? 

Next thing I knew, my car was parked at my favorite café. I went inside, ordered my breakfast (big smile on my face), and asked the Lord where he’d like to sit. We chose a comfy booth, slightly private while still giving plenty of sight lines around the room. I got out my journal, happily jumped up to grab my meal, and took a delightful sip of coffee… 

And nothing happened. 

I mean, nothing big or obvious. I ate my food, wrote a bit, conversed with a few friendly locals, cleaned up and headed off to my morning meeting. 

Thing is, everything about today is different. There’s a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I’m making healthy choices. I’m keeping up with the intention to “pray without ceasing.” Ideas and inspiration are flowing, the clarity I’ve longed and prayed for is here. I feel cared for and seen and loved. 

Oh, how I desire the same for you. Will you lean into the voice of God today and go wherever he’s inviting? It may be as simple as breakfast… or something much bigger and harder… but in his Presence, everything will change. 

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