11 Oct


My husband used to say he wished God would tell him what to do by utilizing a flashing neon arrow sign like “Eat at Joe’s.” I used to think, “Yeah, that’d be nice!” 

We passed this flashing signage and it got me thinking… 

So often we want God’s directions to be spelled out in black and white. We pray, “God, show me what to do”… and then we remain stuck, wondering what to do. We think we want a sign—but God’s given us something so much better. 

The Holy Spirit resides inside those who accept Jesus as savior, Lord, and leader of their lives. Take a moment to really consider what that means. God hasn’t answered our question(s) with a single flashing neon sign, he’s answered with a living, breathing, directive Presence that is accessible to us at absolutely every intersection of our lives. 

You don’t need a sign, you have a Guide.

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