07 Oct


Two years ago, I gave a sermon on Cain and Abel. The main point was learning how to champion each other rather than needing God’s attention and approval for ourselves. When I delivered that message, I believed in it. 

A few days ago, I pulled out that message to record it for a new ministry we’re developing. I found myself scared and unsure, unable to finish the recording… but after a few pep-talks and quite a few prayers, friends convinced me to give it another try. 

Yesterday, I stood in front of my computer and “preached” the story to an unseen and nebulous group of people. It remained scary for innumerable reasons, but as I worked through the message, I realized something incredibly beautiful, gratitude-blooming, and steadying: now I REALLY believe in it… and there are so many ways I am living it out. 

The intersection of my faith with my life yesterday was this: I could see without a doubt that faithfulness makes a mark. When we look back, the transformation that comes from living life in conjunction with the Holy Spirit is obvious. 

Moments of realization like this are precious gifts—and far more encouraging than any words any human being could possibly say. 

I find inexpressible joy in helping others identify their gifts, talents, and desires toward serving the world. Even better, I love helping them take the first steps toward doing it! These days, I’m essentially a cheerleader—although I do get in on the nitty gritty a lot of the time. I just love seeing others blossom and championing their success. 

May you, too, hear the precious voice of God speak over you today, “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Mt 25:23) May you be blessed with the affirming vision of how far you’ve come through the merciful power of God living and breathing in you.

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